I am a parent of a Year 12 student. Can I purchase your products?

I am afraid we only sell to schools.

We purchased a number of your products last year and wish to use them again this year. Legally are we required to purchase them again this year?

No, once your school has purchased one of our products, they are for use – within your school – from that time on.

Previously we purchased some of your 2017, 2018 and 2019 Units 3 & 4 Trial exam packages. Should we order the modified versions of these to suit the 2020 adjusted Study Design?

No. We will email you in late July a complimentary list of the questions on those papers that students should omit. No need to apply for this, as it will happen automatically.

By what means can your accounts be paid?

We find electronic funds transfer (EFT) is acceptable by practically all schools. Posted cheques are also acceptable, but not credit or debit cards.

Are you giving any discounts this year?

We decided that with the costs of extensively updating our website, and our not having raised our prices since we began, we would leave our prices constant rather than provide a discount.

Why did you not provide 2020 versions of your Year 11 tests exams and Year 12 SAC resources?

As your students experience Year 11 semester exams and Year 12 SACs only once, we felt only one set of these was necessary.

Why then do you provide multiple versions of the Year 12 trial exams?

With the high stakes VCE exam, multiple exposures to a VCE style exam provide important experience in preparing for this final exam.

Is GST added to or included in the total amount we have to pay?

No, GST is neither added to nor included in the amount you have to pay, as Physics Trial Test Team is not registered for nor required to be registered for GST.

Our Accounts Dept needs more detail of your group e.g. Address, ABN, etc.

These are provided at the bottom of all pages on our website, including this one.

Is the ‘Order #’ the number PTTT assigns to our order or to our school purchase number?

It is the former, i.e. the number we allocate to your order.

I notice all your products will be dispatched to us immediately on receipt of payment but this year’s Units 3 & 4 Trial exam package will not be dispatched till late July. Why is this?

We are working on the current Year 12 Trial exam from about January till June. So it’s not completed till July.

I have placed an order but received no items from you.

On receiving an order, we have – or so we believe – sent you an invoice, which then needs to be paid before we dispatch the ordered items. If you think an invoice has not been received or that payment has been paid, please let us know via the CONTACT US page.

Our school does not pay invoices until the goods have been received. Is that your group’s policy?

No, our policy is to request payment before our packages are dispatched.

You provide your packages in digital form. Are they available also in hard copy form?

No, we only provide them in digital form. Schools of course can print from these if they wish.